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Login with your smartphone - forget the password!

Nearly all Internet log-ins are via username/password. But there are two severe issues with the password method: eKaay solves both problems by utilising the user's smartphone for the log-in:


Using eKaay the user does not have to memorize password and username, neither does he have to type them - the cell phone takes care of the login!


Advantages for the portal user:

The eKaay app is available for free for iPhones and Android smartphones.

Advantages for the portal:

Interested portals may implement a test version of eKaay, please contact us.


Demo You may try eKaay on the demo page.

Our Mission: Keys instead of Passwords!

Keys instead of Passwords!

Why are 99.9% of physical doors opened by keys and not by passwords? Because humans prefer to look for the key in their pocket instead of searching for the password in their memory. Humans don't like passwords! - they don't like to type them, and they even less like to memorize them.

For the virtual doors within the Internet there were no such keys available until recently - so there was no other way but passwords. But nowadays the smartphones are able to play this ''key'' role: they are able to become the key ring of the user for his online portals.

For most of the online portals a 2-factor authentication is not necessary - usually a replacement of the password by the smartphone is enough. There are no 2-factor physical doors - why should virtual doors be 2-factor?

After 70 years of computers, 45 years of Internet, and 20 years of WWW: Leave the password stone-age - and turn your smartphone into the key for your online portals!

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